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Jam Cruise 14




Day of Service & Cultural Connection

With Matt Butler, Eddie Roberts, Pete Shand, Nicki Bluhm and Zach Deputy

Cost: $60 in advance, $70 on the boat

Day 3 – January 8, 2016


Location: Belize City, Belizejam-cruise

Cost: $60 in Advance, $70 on the boat

In partnership with Belize Audubon Society, Belize City Council, Drums Not Guns and Tumul K’in Center of Learning, we invite you to join us for a meaningful day of service, intercultural exchange, music, and celebration. Participants will have the opportunity to enjoy a variety of activities, including park beautification, a Drums Not Guns performance by local youth, a Deer Dance performance and community jam by JC artists TBA. A mural painting led by Belizean artist Jill Burgess will culturally represent Belize and promote the Audubon Society’s mission to protect and restore the environment. The Audubon Society will lead a park beautification and planting project designed to draw more native birds to the area.  Lunch and transportation are included in the ticket cost.

Tickets available online only until December 31, 2015.



Help us protect Mayan Culture by supporting the Deer Dance Campaign.

The Deer Dance is an important heritage practice of the Maya communities of southernDeer-Dance-CauseVox-300x200 Belize. The Maya have been intimately connected to the rainforests for hundreds of years. This connection is reinforced through the ecological practices of daily life, as well as through the celebrations and rituals that mark the changing of the seasons, the passing of time and the traditions of Maya heritage.

The Deer Dance tells the story of the relationship between Maya people and the land. Inevitable changes are sweeping through indigenous communities in Belize and around the world; many community leaders are concerned that the young people will not have an opportunity to learn the Deer Dance. The number of young people who know how to dance and play the music for this elaborate tradition is dwindling, and passing on the Deer Dance is vital to this vibrant culture. A $13,750 grant from Positive Legacy will fund not only the Deer Dance in Santa Cruz, Belize this coming year, but also the documentation of the dance in audio, video and workbook form.

Make a donation to this project until December 2nd, 2015 via CauseVox by clicking here.


Charity Auction


auction Jam Cruise

Silent Auction 

Day 4 – January 9, 2016


Positive Legacy HQ, Deck 7

Come bid on autographed photos, concert tickets, artwork and unique memorabilia from Jam Cruise musicians at the silent auction. Auction proceeds support Positive Legacy’s humanitarian and environmental projects.



Live Auctionauction JC13

Day 5  – January 10, 2016

Following Ivan Neville’s Atrium Set  8:30pm

(Set is 5pm-8:30pm)


Hang around the Atrium after Ivan Neville’s set and join us for Positive Legacy’s live auction on Day 5 of Jam Cruise 14. You will be entertained as you witness our live auction host pump up the crowd and get some bids for charity. This is your chance to win a one of a kind Jam Cruise item and support Positive Legacy.





Musical Bingo

with New Mastersounds & Snarky Puppy


Jam Cruise Bingo


Time: TBD

Location: TBD

While enjoying your afternoon join Positive Legacy and some of your favorite artists in a game of bingo! As the songs play you guess the name and fill in your card. There are two games,  $10 buy-in per game. Play with your friends, have fun and listen to some of your favorite songs! 100% of the proceeds go to funding Positive Legacy and our humanitarian efforts.




Positive Legacy Celebration with Matt Butler & Everyone Orchestra

Day 5 – January 10, 2016everyoneorch20130111088 JT


Pantheon Theater

Join us for the Positive Legacy Celebration with Everyone Orchestra to celebrate all that we were able to accomplish with the Jam Cruise 14 Positive Legacy and Greening programs! Matt Butler has organized another all-star lineup of musicians to take us on an improvisational voyage. This unique, collaborative performance deeply encourages and requires audience interaction.

Artists to be announced soon!


Offset Your Carbon Footprint

In partnership with award winning environmental nonprofit Trees, Water & People (TWP), we encourage cruisers to offset their portion of the MSC Divina’s carbon emissions, which total approximately 2,300 tons for the Jam Cruise 14 voyage. Our goal is JC carbon offsetsto offset 100% of the ship’s emissions! Cruisers are also asked to consider their carbon footprint from their air travel to/from Miami.


What is a carbon offset? A “carbon offset” is a unit of carbon dioxide (CO2) that is reduced, avoided or sequestered to compensate for emissions occurring elsewhere.


How will Trees, Water & People offset JC14 carbon emissions?

Reforestation in Haiti – On average, one tree planted by TWP can sequester one ton of carbon over its lifetime. To account for natural mortality rates, TWP plants five trees per one ton offset. Trees are planted on private and public lands as part of a community-led reforestation program.


Why offset your Jam Cruise experience? This party has an impact! During our 5-day voyage the MSC Divina will produce approximately 2,300 tons of carbon dioxide emissions. However, there is a way to offset these emissions. By supporting TWP’s reforestation efforts in Haiti we can collectively reduce the negative environmental impacts of the cruise ship while supporting sustainable development projects that help people and the planet.


What is the cost? $15 per 1.5 tons (offsets one cabin’s emissions on the Divina)


Cloud 9/TWP Impact to Date (2008-2015):

  • Total Carbon Offset: 10,715tons
  • Trees planted: 34,815
  • Cookstoves built: 416

Offset your Carbon Footprint Here 



Donation Drive

Positive Legacy will not host a donation drive on Jam Cruise 14. Please consider donating to the Deer Dance Campaign in lieu of purchasing donation items. Positive Legacy plans to donate $13,500 to the community of Santa Cruz, Belize to fund the Deer Dance festivities this December while also funding the documentation of the festivities for educational materials. Help keep Mayan tradition alive by making a tax deductible donation.