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One Big Holiday 2017

How To Get Involved at One Big Holiday 2017!

Positive Legacy, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit, was created to expand the positive experiences of those attending Cloud 9 Adventures destination events around the globe. Positive Legacy’s mission is to create meaningful opportunities for musicians and fans to get involved in humanitarian and environmental outreach projects in the communities we travel to and inspire music fans and artists to take action.
Here are some ways you can get involved with the cause at One Big Holiday:

Day of Service & Community Connection with Positive Legacy

Monday 2/6 – Day 3 – 10:00am – 3:30pm $50 (Meet at PL HQ)

Join Positive Legacy for a day of community connection, cultural emersion and celebration as we venture to the nearby traditional Mayan community of Dos Palmas! Community members from Campamento Hidalgo will make a 2-hour journey to join us and share their cultural heritage with us. We will be treated to a traditional Mayan meal and music performance by the children. Guests can participate in arts and crafts, tortilla making, mural painting and a traditional Temazcal ceremony. We will have the opportunity to take a swim in a cenote to cool off at the end of afternoon. Get your tickets HERE!

Charity Auction

Tuesday 2/7 – Day 4 – Silent Auction 5:00-7:30pm, Live Auction at 7:15pm (Hacienda Lobby)

Come bid on autographed photos, concert tickets, and unique memorabilia from One Big Holiday musicians at the live and silent auctions. 100% of auction proceeds support Positive Legacy’s humanitarian and environmental projects.

Do you have a unique item that you would like to donate to the Positive Legacy Charity Auction during My Morning Jacket’s One Big Holiday? Your donation will be on display throughout the event and the funds that your item raises will go directly to our environmental & humanitarian projects in the local community.

Contact us today about donating an item: Christine@positivelegacy.com

Donation Drive

PELP4 Donation Drive pic copy

When packing your suitcase, remember to pack a school or medical supply item for the local community in need! Your contribution helps supply necessary schooling and essential medical supplies to U Sasil Kaan School in Campamento Hidalgo, Mexico. Drop donations to Positive Legacy Headquarters at the Hacienda Lobby on Day 1 or 2!

Suggested Items Musical instruments, backpacks, composition notebooks, school supplies, children’s clothing, children’s shoes, tooth brushes & toothpaste and basic medical supplies.

One Big BINGO w/ Eric Mayers

Tuesday 2/73:30 4:30pm (Heaven Pool)

Show your support for the local community and environmental outreach programs by playing poolside BINGO! $20 cash buy-in for two games and the opportunity for great prizes! 100% of the proceeds go to funding Positive Legacy!

Texas Hold ’em Tournament w/ Bo and Carl

Monday 2/6 – 2:00 5:00pm (Theater) 

Come join the fun and show your support for Positive Legacy’s environmental and humanitarian projects by playing Texas Hold ’em! $60 cash buy in. $10 goes to Positive Legacy and the remaining goes to the pot for the winner!

Griswold Poolside Casino

Monday 2/6 – 4:00 5:00pm (Heaven Pool) 

One Big Holiday’s National Lampoon style casino games by the pool! It’s a casino party with casino games in and around AND in the pool. What’s a casino without gambling? Guests will be able to purchase tokens with the proceeds going to Positive Legacy. At the end of the activity we will have prizes in which you can cash in your tickets for such as festival tickets, concert tickets, photo prints, and more…

Offset Your Carbon Footprinttwp_logo-300x188

Positive Legacy and Trees, Water & People make it easy to travel responsibly, by offsetting the emissions from your travel to Mexico for One Big Holiday. A $20 carbon offset donation will support a community tree nursery that is producing 10,000 trees a year for rural communities on the north coast of Haiti, providing fruit, improved soil quality, timber and the sequestration of thousands of tons of carbon dioxide emissions over their lifetimes. Take this opportunity to feel empowered and leave your own positive legacy during Strings & Sol. Offset your trip HERE!

Partner Information

In October 2016, Positive Legacy awarded Dreams for Mayan Children a $9,400 grant to support better educational outcomes and complete necessary renovations for the U Sasil Kaan School in Campamento Hidalgo, Mexico. Campamento Hidalgo a small indigenous village with a population of 200 people located in the Eastern Yucatan Peninsula. It is a true living Mayan community, where ancient traditions still exist and the Mayan language is commonly spoken, but has mostly been forgotten by the outside world.

In partnership with Positive Legacy, Dreams for Mayan Children’s Project Caring will address the communitydmc-logo driven goals of building a block wall that will enclose the school, allowing the children to play safely and prevent vandalism, improve the school’s dining structure so they will have a clean & sanitary environment, as well as restore the basketball court and soccer goal posts. With the support of their families and teachers, we will create an appropriate space for their development so they have a better educational experience!

Dreams for Mayan Children is a small but dedicated group of people with a strong belief in giving the children the chance of a better future. They work to provide Mayan children and teachers with learning materials, build playgrounds and community infrastructure, provide volunteer opportunities and keep the Mayan language and culture alive in the Yucatan Peninsula where rural communities have very little or no support at all. For more information on DMC please visit their website at http://mydmc.org/

For more details on Positive Legacy programs and beneficiaries visit our headquarters in the Hacienda Lobby at the Hard Rock Hotel.