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Mayan Holidaze 2012


December 17-21, 2012 • Tulum, Mexico


We came, we saw, we SURVIVED the ending of the Mayan calendar and it all was quite magical. Not only did all the bands capture the essence with musical highlights, but there was a vibe among the crowd…an understanding that change is necessary, new thinking and positive actions are required if we want to continue with this beautiful life we lead. Mayan Holidaze 2012 was a simply wonderful week.


Phoenix School Building & Expansion Project

In 2012 Positive Legacy donated $20,000 to build a new school located in Tulum, Mexico. The vision of The Phoenix School (formerly named Amanecer School) speaks to their belief that we are interconnected as holistic beings always in the process of learning. This school is a nonprofit cooperative based on a humanistic approach to learning, personal development and social transformation. The school curriculum incorporates ancient Mayan wisdom and practices, the cultivation of native plants and a respect for nature, as well as today’s modern technological tools. Positive Legacy provided the funding to renovate the existing structure on the site where the school will grow and develop over time, build a new kitchen, multipurpose room, bathrooms, outdoor amphitheatre, and to cover some of the initial operating expenses. In 2013 the school has transitioned into a Montessori school.   

Day Of Service & Celebration at the Phoenix School with Break Science

What a beautiful day we shared with the kids at the Phoenix School with a performance by Adam Deitch and Borahm Lee of Break Science! The children greeted the Mayan Holidaze guests with a moving opening ceremony of Mayan song and dance, and with a demonstration of their daily yoga and mediation practice. We joined them by calling in the four directions and honoring Mother Earth and Father Sky. The rest of the day was spent painting murals throughout the school, building a fuel-efficient cookstove, making new friends with the children and their families, and enjoying a delicious traditional lunch. Thank you to Adam and Borahm for providing us with some great tunes!


Donation Drive for Phoenix School

Thank you to the Mayan Holidaze guests for bringing school supplies and other items requested by the school. The kids at the school will benefit from your generosity for many months to come.


Donation To Uyo’olche

Positive Legacy donated $1500 to the Mexico based NGO, Uyo’olche, to build and install clean burning cookstoves in homes in Tulum and the surrounding region. We are thrilled that Positive Legacy’s project in Tulum was the impetus for a new partnership between Uyo’olcheand Trees, Water & People. Clean Cookstoves, like the one we built for the school, reduce firewood consumption in the kitchen, thus reducing unhealthy exposure to smoke and cutting greenhouse gas emissions by 50%!


Carbon Offsetting

Thank you to Trees, Water & People for their ongoing partnership and onsite outreach and support provided for carbon offsetting. We invite Mayan Holidaze guests to offset their emissions associated with their travel to/from Tulum. TWP has facilitated the construction of over 50,000 clean cookstoves in Central America and the Caribbean since 1998, reducing families’ exposure to toxic indoor air pollution and drastically reducing the amount of firewood and charcoal needed to cook a simple meal. Click here to donate to TWP’s carbon offset program, and we will channel your intentions toward solutions that tangibly improve life and the environment in the region of Tulum.


Charity Auction

The Mayan Holidaze auction brought in $7,000! The funds raised by the auction will allow us to continue making music work for communities. Thank you to the photographers, artists and guest who donated items, as well as the guests who placed bids and took something special home with them.