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Positive LegacyPositive Legacy

Jam Cruise 1-10

Jam Cruise 1 January 6-10, 2004

Jam Cruise 2 January 10-14, 2004

Nassau, Bahamas & Key West, Florida


Jam Cruise 1 & 2 is where it all started for Positive Legacy.

During our first Jam Cruise, we partnered with Reef Relief to educate passengers about how to snorkel with eco-consciousness. While at port in Key West, Reef Relief took us to a beautiful coral reef aboard a 54′ Catamaran and provided us with an educational talk on the living coral reef ecosystem. Passengers were encouraged to bring any trash they saw on the reef back to the boat and were given educational tips for collection of debris without damaging the coral. This excursion was a sell out on both Jam Cruise 1 & 2.


In partnership with reEarth, during Jam Cruise 1 in 2004, our green team visited an elementary school in Nassau and delivered 15 mature indigenous trees that were planted with the assistance of the students there. These trees will help to beautify the school’s environment, remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and leave a positive legacy of Jam Cruise’s visit to Nassau for many years to come. All auction proceeds were also donated to reEarth.


Jam Cruise 3 January 6-10, 2005

Jacksonville, FL & Nassau, Bahamas


While in the Bahamas for Jam Cruise 3, we partnered with Earthcare to provide Jam Cruise passengers an opportunity to participate in an educational snorkeling trip. Earthcare’s mission is to empower people to get involved and be proactive with their voice and actions. Passengers were educated about the current environmental issues facing The Bahamas and how to be good stewards of the earth.


Proceeds from our auction on Jam Cruise 3 were donated to Second Harvest Food Bank in Jacksonville, Florida. Second Harvest Food Bank serves the hungry and needy in the Jacksonville area, and educates the public about the causes and possible solutions to the problem of domestic hunger. Jam Cruise 3 happened only 2 short weeks after the disastrous tsunami in Asia. In an effort to do something positive for the affected region, a saxophone signed by Jam Cruise 3 sax artists, Skerik, was auctioned off which allowed us to make a $1500 donation to UNICEF’s Tsunami Relief.


Jam Cruise 4 January 7-14, 2006

Ochos Rios, Jamaica Grand Cayman Islands Costa Maya, Mexico


Carbon Offsetting on Jam Cruise is Started

To offset carbon emissions from Jam Cruise 4 in 2006 and passenger travel to and from Fort Lauderdale, Jam Cruise formed a partnership with Trees for the Future to plant trees in the regions to which we travel. CO2 (carbon dioxide) is produced from burning fossil fuels; trees absorb CO2 and produce oxygen through photosynthesis. Planting trees is the most cost-effective way to take CO2 out of the atmosphere. Donations from Cloud 9 and Jam Cruise 4 passengers allowed Trees for the Future to plant 52,000 trees in Jamaica and the Yucatan Peninsula! These trees will continue to do their job of reducing CO2 in the global atmosphere and leaving a positive legacy for many years to come.


Proceeds from the 2006 Jam Cruise 4 were donated to our greening partner of 06, Rock the Earth. Rock the Earth is a not-for-profit, national public interest environmental organization dedicated to protecting and defending America’s natural resources through partnerships with the music industry and the world-wide environmental community.


Jam Cruise 5 January 2-7, 2007

Turks & Caicos

Cayo Levantado, Dominican Republic


JC5 passengers enjoyed a fun and educational snorkeling adventure in Turks & Caicos. On our way out to the pristine Horseshoe Reef, passengers listened to Dr. Fernando Pérez Monteagudo from the Department of Environment and Coastal Resources (DECR), Ministry of Natural Resources for the Turks and Caicos Islands, address the environmental issues that that region faces. Participants learned how to be eco-sensitive snorkelers as well as what DECR is doing to restore coral reefs using rebar and electrical current. This was a unique opportunity to learn how local groups are coming together to solve the problem of coral reef degradation and how Jam Cruise passengers can be active participants in that process.


Proceeds from the JC 5 auction were donated to our greening partner Rock the Earth. Rock the Earth is a not-for-profit, national public interest environmental organization dedicated to protecting and defending America’s natural resources through partnerships with the music industry and the world-wide environmental community.


Trees, Water & People: Thanks to the generous donations of passengers and Cloud 9 Adventures we were able to plant 78,510 trees in the Dominican Republic, making Jam Cruise 5 carbon neutral once again!


Jam Cruise 6 January 4-9, 2008

Roatan, Honduras & Cozumel, Mexico


In Cozumel, 30 Jam Cruise passengers and artists cleaned up 1,000 pounds of trash in just over an hour on a beach about two miles away from our port. After the beach clean up, JC 6 passengers delivered school supplies to the Cozumel Chrysalis Group. In partnership with Conscious Alliance we coordinated a extremely successful school supplies drive.  JC6 passengers generously donated two pallets of much needed school supplies which went directly to children’s charities in Roatan and Cozumel. In addition, Conscious Alliance donated 1000 pounds of Pangea Organics soap to the Roatan Children’s Fund and Trojan donated 3,000 condoms which we delivered to the AIDS Prevention Program in Roatan. While we were delivering supplies in Roatan, we stopped by the Majken Broby Children’s Home where 14 JC6 artists played a joyful set of acoustic music for the children who live at the orphanage. This event positively touched the lives of not only the children but also of those of us lucky enough to be present.


We also donated $450 to NUAFA’s Women’s Shelter (Nucleo de Apoya Familiar – means Heart of Family Support). The cash donation was used for a significant facility improvement of the installation of new iron gates at the entrance to NUAFA. The gates provide greater security for the children in daycare and also secure the property to prevent loss of assets.  This is the first time that NUAFA has had a way to lock the facility!


Cloud 9 and JC 6 passengers made an additional gift to the Roatan Children’s Fund of a high quality copy machine. The copy machine was purchased with the proceeds that were generated by auctioning off one of LEBO’s live JC6 paintings.


With proceeds from the auction, passenger donations and financial support from Cloud 9 Adventures, Jam Cruise 6 offset 100% of the emissions from the five-day cruise. We worked together with Trees, Water & People to achieve this thrilling accomplishment. Not only are we planting trees through TWP, JC6 supported a program that has helped TWP build 23,000 fuel-efficient stoves that use 75% less wood than conventional methods.


Jam Cruise 7 January 4-9, 2009

Belize City, Belize & Cozumel, Mexico


The Positive Legacy team worked with Padres de Familia Kinder in Km 55, a school in Costa Maya, Mexico devastated by Hurricane Dean, to make much needed repairs to their facility. Following the hurricane in 2007, all that remained of the school was a simple cinderblock structure with incomplete plywood walls and a tar paper roof, offering students little to no protection from wind and rain. Cloud 9 sent $1420 to Kinder one month before visiting Costa Maya, allowing them to purchase construction materials for the needed repairs. While on the ship, passengers who became aware of the repair project matched that donation with an additional $1440 to help the renovations continue.  While in Costa Maya, nearly 100 Jam Cruise passengers joined Positive Legacy and 50 children from the Limones Primary School.  Along with local residents, community leaders and business owners, JC 7 passengers cleaned up a stretch of beach just a few miles from the port. In less than an hour the group picked up approximately 1 ton of trash! After the cleanup, participants joined our new friends in Costa Maya for a day at the beach, presented the Jam Cruise donations to several local schools, frolicked in the ocean, played beach soccer and enjoyed a delicious meal.


While in Belize, passengers and artists joined together for a day of learning, connection and giving at the Monkey Bay Wildlife Sanctuary. Participants presented the passenger donations and solar ovens to our beneficiaries.  We were also treated to informative talks by local community leaders and environmental educators, as well as a fabulous performance by the Maroon Creole Drum School and local dancers. The Maroon Creole Drum School is led by Emmet Smith, a former pro soccer player. Under his lead, their village teaches children indigenous drumming rhythms, dancing and soccer. Cloud 9 Adventures donated 2 full team sets of uniforms, cleats, socks and shin guards to their community to further the development of their youth soccer program.


Jam Cruise 8 January 3-8, 2010

Ocho Rios, Jamaica & Georgetown, Cayman Islands


Over 140 passengers and artists on Jam Cruise 8, joined the Positive Legacy team on Grand Cayman for a day of education, music and fun in the sun to benefit REEF – the Reef Environmental Education Foundation. Participants learned of REEF’s efforts to protect threatened grouper spawning habitat, eradicate the invasive lionfish species, and what divers, snorkelers, and fish consumers can do to aid in those efforts. While the ocean was too dangerous to snorkel or scuba that day, all enjoyed a wonderful afternoon of ocean side sunshine listening to musical performances by Ryan Montbleau, Hot Buttered Rum (Aaron Redner, Bryan Horne, Erik Yates, Nat Keefe), Tim and Nicki Bluhm (Mother Hips, Nicki Bluhm & the Gramblers), and Tim Carbone (Railroad Earth).


More than 100 passengers and musicians also visited the Rural Retreat Community Center in Claremont, Jamaica for a day of celebration. Nearly $25,000 worth of goods were donated including a commercial weed whacker to keep the soccer fields mowed, soccer uniforms and cleats for several teams, school supplies, back packs, laptop computers with wireless cards to start a community computer lab, tables and chairs to outfit the community center, and the list goes on.


Upon doing a needs assessment in 2009, the Positive Legacy team learned that the South East Saint Ann Constituency in Jamaica had a dream to start a marching band in their community.  In partnership with Music Matters a music education company based in Atlanta, Georgia, Cloud 9 Adventures donated a full set of instruments needed to realize this dream. Thank you to Music Matters for making this possible!



Our warmest heartfelt thanks to LEBO, who painted an enlivening mural for all to see on the wall of the Center; Toubab Krewe and special guests who played a set and jammed with the locals; Ice Cream Man for trekking into the hills to give away free ice cream to all the children; and last but not least, the Jam Cruise passengers who contributed along with all of the members of the community in Jamaica who made this day so beautiful.


Jam Cruise 9 January 4-9, 2011

Roatan, Honduras & Costa Maya


Jam Cruise musicians and passengers spent the day in Honduras with members of the community: playing games, dancing, painting, sharing a delicious meal together, learning about each other and enjoying the beautiful surroundings.  JC 9 participants presented donations of school supplies, soccer gear, eight laptop computers, and books, as well as financial contributions for school scholarships and a bookmobile program designed to reach children in underserved areas.

For many of the children, the highlight of the day was a visit from Ice Cream Man. Ice cream is a luxury that rarely comes their way, and there were a lot of happy kids with gooey smiles on their faces. To close our time together, the children took us on a walking tour of their community and splashed with us in the turquoise Caribbean waters.

LEBO joined us and painted a brilliant mural for School of Life which will serve as a lasting reminder of our visit there.


For our visit to Costa Maya, the day began with a visit to KM55 “Kinder” School, which JC 9 participants provided financial support  in 2009.  This contribution enabled the school to build new walls, a new roof, and to purchase basic classroom supplies. In 2009, this impoverished school supported 20 pre-school to early elementary age children.  Since that time, the school has expanded to serve 70 children and has been in desperate need of a modern bathroom facility with running water and septic. Funds raised through the benefit, auction, and a donation from Cloud 9 have been used to fulfill that wish. After being warmly greeted with a resounding “buenos dias” by the children, participants toured the school and saw the new facility under construction. Cruisers, then, headed to the coast to perform a beach cleanup with the children, families, and teachers, which ended at our celebration site in Mahahual, where we enjoyed a wonderful afternoon of sharing music and local cuisine with the children and community members.


Jam Cruise 10 January 9-14, 2012

Labadee, Haiti


Cloud 9 and Positive Legacy invited all cruisers to enjoy a day of music, service and celebration in Labadee, Haiti.


Positive Legacy supports the Haiti Village Health Clinic in the Bas Limbe region of Northern Haiti.  The clinic offers sustainable medical care and public health initiatives to more than 25,000 people in five rural villages. People in this region have minimal access to clean drinking water and little or no organized sanitation programs.  Responding to the need, Positive Legacy financed the construction of a well, water reservoir and pump, building plumbing, and a new roof for the clinic in Bas Limbe. Access to sanitation facilities has a direct impact on water quality and the potential for the spreading of disease; something clearly demonstrated in the cholera epidemic in November 2010. Believe it or not, the clinic treated 3,500 patients without any running water during this outbreak! Improving water and sanitation has led to a reduced burden of disease, increased health and well being and improved nutritional status.  Representatives from Haiti Village health joined JC10 participants during our day in Labadee, Haiti, educating and inspiring us to be part of this amazing project!


With support from our non-profit partners Sustainable Organic Integrated Livelihoods (SOIL) and Trees, Water & People, Positive Legacy and Jam Cruise passengers led the charge in seeding 6,000 citrus trees, thus launching a 10,000 seedling nursery at SOIL’s rural compost site in Limonade, Haiti. Positive Legacy and Trees, Water & People have partnered to offset Jam Cruise passenger’s carbon footprint since Jam Cruise 6, a collaboration that has netted tens of thousands of trees planted and hundreds of clean cookstoves built. JC 10 represented the most ambitious carbon offsetting effort to date, as the establishment of this nursery will lead to a healthier environment, stable livelihoods, and increasing tree cover in Northern Haiti for years to come.


In partnership with Soles4Souls and with contributions from One World Running, Nike and Jam Cruisers all over the country, Positive Legacy blew its most ambitious goal yet – of collecting 10,000 pairs of shoes for the people of Haiti, out of the water! More than 12,200 pairs of shoes plus 2,000 pairs of socks contributed by cruisers were collected.