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Jam Cruise 14

Jam Cruise 14 – RECAP

JamCruisers Leaving a Positive Legacy on the High Seas of Jam Cruise 14! 

The Positive Legacy Charity Auction Raised $17,550!

Live Auction JC14We are pleased to announce that Positive Legacy was able to raise $17,550 through this year’s silent & live auction! Jam Cruise is where it all began for Positive Legacy and the support we have received over the years is constantly growing! We hosted our silent auction on Day 4 in La Luna Bar. Jam Cruisers enjoyed the sweet sounds of Zach Deputy and some tasty Brews at Sea during the silent auction. The energy in the room escalated as we approached the end of the auction and cruisers staked their claim on their winnings. Thank you to all of you who bid on and purchased an auction item.  A special thank you goes out to the musicians for supporting the auction by donating special one-of-a-kind items. In addition, many thanks to the patron artisans who donated their art! It’s because of your art that we are able to keep our auction exciting and interesting year after year!

The live auction was on our final night of Jam Cruise right after Ivan Neville’s set in the Atrium. Thank you to those of you who came out to bid and join in on the excitement! Proceeds from the auctions will support Positive Legacy’s humanitarian & environmental projects such as the Deer Dance project of Southern Belize.


 Update on Belize Beneficiaries

Photo Jan 19, 10 12 45 AMAlthough it was a major disappointment that we couldn’t stop in Belize City on January 8th, there is a silver lining to every cloud and our legacy is still strong there. Due to a $13,750 grant from Positive Legacy the 4-day Deer Dance Festival was performed in Santa Cruz, Belize the from Jan 6-10th.  The grant provided education and technology to Maya teens in order to integrate students in the video production of a documentary about Maya heritage and the traditional practice of the Deer Dance.  The project will culminate in the creation of an educational workbook and a documentary which will be shared on the Positive Legacy website this coming year. This project supported the vision of Mopan Maya leaders in Santa Cruz to preserve their sacred tradition for generations to come. Check out a trailer for the Maya Deer Dance, a Cool Anthropology and Daniel Velazquez documentary.


Photo Jan 19, 10 11 22 AM

In addition to the Deer Dance grant we also provided $2,500 for the installation of an Educational Tropical Garden and an environmentally conscious mural representing Belize biodiversity in Memorial Park, Belize City. The mural was painted on January 8th and the garden will be installed on January 26th with the help of the local community partners.





Photo Jan 19, 10 12 38 AMLast but not least we also provided a $1,000 grant to Drums Not Guns in Punta Gorda, Belize to support the promotion of non-violence and self-empowerment among at-risk youth thru drumming lessons/circles, dancing, poetry and more.  In the spirit of ‘One World United through Music’, Master Kriol Drummer Emmet Young brought his drumming students to the Village of Santa Cruz on Jan 8th to perform for school children, exchange culture with marimba musicians, and join his students to watch the Deer Dance.  We are proud and grateful that in spite of our technical issues getting to Belize, Positive Legacy partners gathered to celebrate this project and share their unique musical heritage in our absence.



Positive Legacy Beach Celebration in Costa Maya with Zach Deputy, Scott Pemberton and Paul Hoffman

Photo Jan 19, 9 05 23 AMEven though we were not able to have our Day of Service in Belize as planned, we made the most of it by having a wonderful beach celebration in Costa Maya. After the music ended, we all joined together for a beach cleanup to insure our positive vibes rippled out into the community of Costa Maya. We are so grateful for the unending support and understanding of all the Positive Legacy supporters.





FUNK that Tune BINGO –

Photo Jan 19, 9 22 08 AMHosted by the New Mastersounds, Melissa McMillan, and members of Snarky Puppy

A BIG Thank You must go out to this year’s hosts for providing live tunes and a shenanigan filled BINGO afternoon benefitting Positive Legacy. Thank you to all of you who joined in the funky times and supported the cause!






Celebration With Everyone Orchestra


EO JC14Every year our dear friend Matt Butler puts together a line-up of all star musicians who create a set of magical improve music as we celebrate all that we were able to accomplish with the Jam Cruise 14 Positive Legacy and Greening programs! This unique, collaborative performance deeply encourages and requires audience interaction. This year was studded with amazing musicians such as: Marco Benevento, Reed Mathis, Jans Ingber, Amy Helm, Vernon Reid (Living Colour), Anders Beck (GSBG), Paul Hoffman (GSBG), Nicki Bluhm, Isaac Teel (Tauk), Pappy Biondo (Cabinet), Scott Pemberton, Mikhail Savoulidis (Twiddle), Ron Holloway, & Jeffrey “Congo” Franca (Thievery Corp).


Ivan Neville’s Annual

Photo Jan 19, 9 05 02 AMTexas Hold Em’ Tournament

Jam Cruisers could take their chances playing against some of their favorite musicians, making for a laughter filled afternoon where $10 of every buy-in was donated to Positive Legacy.





Offset Your Carbon Footprint

JC carbon offsetsPositive Legacy and Trees, Water & People made it easy to travel responsibly, by offsetting the emissions from your travel to Miami and your emissions from being on the MSC Divina for Jam Cruise 14.

We appreciate those that donated $15 to the carbon offset program, which supports a community tree nursery that is producing 10,000 trees a year for rural communities on the north coast of Haiti, providing the sequestration of thousands of tons of carbon dioxide emissions. If you were unable to offset you footprint at the event, please take this opportunity to feel empowered post event and leave your own positive legacy by visiting treeswaterpeople.org to make a donation!


What is a carbon offset? A “carbon offset” is a unit of carbon dioxide (CO2) that is reduced, avoided or sequestered to compensate for emissions occurring elsewhere.


How will Trees, Water & People offset JC14 carbon emissions?

Reforestation in Haiti – On average, one tree planted by TWP can sequester one ton of carbon over its lifetime. To account for natural mortality rates, TWP plants five trees per one ton offset. Trees are planted on private and public lands as part of a community-led reforestation program.


Cloud 9/TWP Impact (2008-2015):

  • Total Carbon Offset: 10,715tons
  • Trees planted: 34,815
  • Cookstoves built: 416