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Jam Cruise 13



Positive Legacy Recap

Jam Cruise 13

Roatan, Honduras & Costa Maya, Mexico


Donation Drive

Thank you to all of the Jam Cruise guests that brought supplies for School of Life through the Positive Legacy donation drive. We collected a great amount of supplies to donate to SOL while visiting Roatan, Honduras.



Day of Service & Cultural Connection

Jam Cruise guests and artists were invited to join Positive Legacy for a day of service and celebration at School of Life (SOL) in Roatan, Honduras on day three of Jam Cruise 13. The SOL offers children and young adults a safe and positive environment to become involved in extracurricular sports and educational enrichment programs. Thanks to our loving Jam Cruisers that have contributed to Positive Legacy, we were able to award SOL with a grant to construct a playground for the students, providing the children the opportunity to challenge themselves physically, interact socially and build their imaginations. Our day at SOL was filled with playing and interacting with the students, clearing space for the playground, and dancing to the fine music from JC artists hosted by the one and only Matt Butler of Everyone Orchestra. We also had Dr. Bob’s Sound School presented by the Bob Moog Foundation during our day of service. The students of SOL were able to explore the basics of sonic science through a fun, interactive atmosphere in each Moog sound station. Special thanks to all of the Jam Cruisers that spent the day with Positive Legacy to connect with local community members and the good people at SOL that are making a significant difference in the lives of the young people in Honduras. We also want to give a BIG thank you to all of the artists that joined us and shared their talents with us on our day of service. Together we most certainly did Leave a Positive Legacy in Roatan, Honduras during Jam Cruise 13!

Thank you to James Mayfield for taking some great pics during our day of service!

Charity Auction

Thank you to all of the Jam Cruisers that supported the Positive Legacy Charity Auction this year on Jam Cruise 13. With your kind contributions we were able to raise $15,750 through our live and silent auction. 100% of proceeds from the Positive Legacy auctions go directly towards Positive Legacy’s humanitarian and environmental projects. Special thanks goes to all of the bands that donated items to the auction. We want to thank Scramble Campbell for donating his artwork to the Positive Legacy live auction. Thank you to Jay Miller, Ian Rawn, Psychadelik Pete, Chad Smith, Farnell Newton, Bob Buehler, Ryan Montbleau, Oskar Blues, Dave Vann, and Josh Timmermans for contributing the auction!



Offset Your Carbon Footprint

Positive Legacy and Trees, Water & People once again were able to make it easy to travel responsibly, by offering an offsetting of the travel emissions for our travel on Jam Cruise 13. Offset donations supported a community tree nursery that is producing 10,000 trees a year for rural communities on the north coast of Haiti, providing fruit, improved soil quality, timber and the sequestration of thousands of tons of carbon dioxide emissions over their lifetimes. We had a record number amount of carbon emission sales this year! Way to travel responsibly Jam Cruisers!