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Positive LegacyPositive Legacy

Panic en la Playa

January 31- February 4, 2012 • Puerto Morelos, Mexico

TWP photo by Megan Gregory

Schoolyard “Adopt-A-Tree Project”

Several trees in the schoolyard, which provide needed shade and beauty, at the David Alfonso Sequero Primary School in the nearby village of Puerto Morelos had died.  The school was without the financial resources to replace them. That’s where Panic en la Playa fans came to the rescue! A limited number of Panic en la Playa guests stepped up and were able to “adopt a tree” and join Positive Legacy in working with a local arborist to actually plant the new trees and tour the school. These efforts created a unique experience and a beautiful opportunity to be of genuine service while on holiday. 

Donation Drive

Thank you to all Playa attendees who contributed an assortment of useful school supplies and sports equipment. An array of art and medical supplies were donated to the schools in the village of Puerto Morelos!  


Charitable Auction

The Panic en la Playa charity auction was a success, help to fund multiple Positive Legacy projects and beneficiaries.