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Panic en la Playa Seis

RECAP of our Positive Legacy Programs from Panic en la Playa Seis

Day of Service with Positive Legacy & Sunny Ortiz

Panic en la Playa fans had the opportunity to engage in a day of service and intercultural exchange in the traditional Mayan village of Dos Palmas. We worked on several bright and cheery painting projects around the school, and those who wanted to work up a sweat and earn their lunch (including Widespread Panic percussionist Sunny Ortiz) moved a ton of rocks from the jungle floor to the ball court. The rocks will be used to complete a Mayan ball court where the children will revive their traditional games and play some futbol too.

Once we were done with the service work, guests could take a cool dip in a beautiful cenote and enjoy a tasty lunch and homemade tortillas prepared by the local community. We closed out the afternoon with a special Mayan ceremony, and everyone received a blessing and cleansing by a local shaman. We would like to thank Dreams for Mayan Children for hosting us, Sunny Ortiz and the Panic fans for joining us, and the Dos Palmas community members for participating in this beautiful day!!

The Positive Legacy Auction Raised $50,000!

A special thank you to Widespread Panic and their management, the fans for supporting the auction with their bids and custom donations, and to Josh Timmermans and Dave Vann for their beautiful photography. You are all amazing and Positive Legacy is grateful for your continued support year after year. Auction proceeds will support Positive Legacy’s environmental and humanitarian projects throughout the Caribbean.

Charity Golf Tournament with Sunny Ortiz

 Sunny sends his sincere appreciation to everyone who joined him for charity golf in support of Positive Legacy.

Donation Drive–Thank you all for donating!

PELP4 Donation Drive pic copyThank you to everyone that donated to the Positive Legacy donation drive this year! Some of the donations collected during Panic en La Playa Seis were disbursed to the children during our Day of Service, and the remainder will be sent to children in rural communities in the interior of the Yucatan who aren’t able to attend school. All your donations for the animals were brought to our partner Playa Animal Rescue. Your donations help more than you know, thank you!

Set List Pool

 Thanks to those of you that were feeling lucky, or just good at the guessing game! The winners got to split the proceeds 50/50 with Positive Legacy. We hope you enter again next year (and bring your friends)!

Name That Tune BINGO – Hosted by Eric Krasno

 A special thank you must go out to this year’s hosts with the most, Eric Krasno for helping create a very entertaining game of pool side BINGO, an afternoon benefitting Positive Legacy. Many thanks to all of you who joined in for the fun and shenanigans while supporting a  great cause.




Texas Hold’em Tournament with Ivan Neville, Jennifer Hartswick and Will of Orgone

 If you played your cards right you won some money! Positive Legacy received $10 from each players buy in and a good time was had by all.

Offset Your Carbon Footprinttwp_logo-300x188

Positive Legacy and Trees, Water & People made it easy to travel responsibly, by offsetting the emissions from your travel to Mexico for Panic en la Playa Seis. We appreciate those that donated $15 to the carbon offset program, which supports a community tree nursery that is producing 10,000 trees a year for rural communities on the north coast of Haiti, providing the sequestration of thousands of tons of carbon dioxide emissions. If you were unable to offset you footprint at the event, please take this opportunity to feel empowered post event and leave your own positive legacy from Panic en la Playa Seis by making your donation HERE!

Partner Information

In October 2016, Positive Legacy awarded Dreams for Mayan Children a $9,400 grant to support better educational outcomes and complete necessary renovations for the U Sasil Kaan School in Campamento Hidalgo, Mexico. Campamento Hidalgo a small indigenous village with a population of 200 people located in the Eastern Yucatan Peninsula. It is a true living Mayan community, where ancient traditions still exist and the Mayan language is commonly spoken, but has mostly been forgotten by the outside world.

In partnership with Positive Legacy, Dreams for Mayan Children’s Project Caring will address the dmc-logocommunity driven goals of building a block wall that will enclose the school, allowing the children to play safely and prevent vandalism, improve the school’s dining structure so they will have a clean & sanitary environment, as well as restore the basketball court and soccer goal posts. With the support of their families and teachers, we will create an appropriate space for their development so they have a better educational experience!

Dreams for Mayan Children is a small but dedicated group of people with a strong belief in giving the children the chance of a better future. They work to provide Mayan children and teachers with learning materials, build playgrounds and community infrastructure, provide volunteer opportunities and keep the Mayan language and culture alive in the Yucatan Peninsula where rural communities have very little or no support at all. For more information on DMC please visit their website HERE.