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Positive LegacyPositive Legacy

Panic en la Playa Tres

Panic en la Playa Tres

March 17-20, 2014 • Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

 Fuentes de Vida Project

In September 2013, Positive Legacy granted the Punta Cana Ecological Foundation $25,500 for a constructed wetland wastewater treatment system. Fuentes de Vida, which translates to sources of life, will provide solutions to the most elemental concerns of the Dominican Republic: providing safe drinking water, successfully treating wastewater and preventing the spread of waterborne illness. Project partners also include the Peace Corp and Virginia Tech. The funding provided by Positive Legacy allowed for the construction of a wetland wastewater system for the barrio of Domingo Maiz, a community of 500 people. For more information on the Fuentes de Vida project click here.



Day of Service & Celebration

Building on relationships and connections from last year’s Panic en la Playa, fans embarked on a day or service and cultural immersion in the community of Domingo Maiz. The legacy left behind by Panic fans in 2013 included a beautiful mural in the center of town where community members gather for dominos games and conversation.  When we returned to Domingo Miaz we discovered that the community had added another  section.  During the Day of Service, Panic fans and Domingo Miaz members finished the mural together leading into an amazing community celebration with live music, lunch, and lots of dancing.

Fans got down and dirty constructing the tank wall and participated in community clean up.  The Fuentes de Vida (Sources of Life) uses a natural constructed wetland system to provide waste treatment and to protect drinking water aquifer for 500 people in Domingo Maiz. The contributions and support from Panic fans will benefit this community for years to come.


The auction at Panic en La Playa was a huge success raising $60,000 for future Positive Legacy projects. We auctioned off an autographed Fender ’62 reissue Stratocaster and Washburn HB-35 guitars, and other items by artists and photographers Dave Vann, Josh Timmermans, Ian Rawn, Jay Miller, Jeff Wood, Micheal Quinlan, Peter Nogas, Jay Blakesburg, and other donors.

Golf Tournament

Sonny Ortiz joined in the fun at the Charity Golf Tournament where fans competed in a four-man scramble on the Hard Rock’s beautiful course. Thanks to those who played, Positive Legacy raised $1,200.

Set List Prediction Pool

Panic en la Playa fans tested their WSP expertise and their clairvoyance by participating in Positive Legacy’s Set List Pool on the first night of the Panic en la Playa. For a buy-in donation, guests were asked to guess the show’s openers, closers, encores and more.  Those who had the most answers correct split a nice cash prize while 50% of the proceeds benefit Positive Legacy projects.

Carbon Offsets

Thank you Panic fans who traveled responsibly, by offsetting the emissions from your travel to Punta Cana. A $15 carbon offset donation to Trees, Water & People helps a Guatemalan family reduce their firewood consumption by 50%, helps a Haitian family plant nourishing fruit trees and helps a Honduran family switch from Kerosene lanterns to clean solar lighting. If you haven’t already, make it your mission to leave a positive impact on your Cloud 9 Adventure this year – offset your carbon with Trees, Water & People.