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Strings & Sol 2015

 Strings & Sol 2015 RECAP

Day of Community Connection & Ecological Experience with Positive Legacy

S&S HTML picOn Saturday December 13th, Strings & Sol fans joined the Positive Legacy Team for a special day with the students of the local high school, a community that we have been working with for the past few years. Our day started with a short ride to the Botanical Gardens of El Colegio de la Frontera Sur (ECOSUR) where we learned about regional gardening practices. We got our hands dirty composting, dividing up plants and expanding crop numbers, painting the local educational house and cleaning the grounds. We were joined by Andy Goessling and Tim Carbone, from Railroad Earth, and Tyler Thompson, from Fruition; the trio performed for us with a local musician in a beautiful natural amphitheater while eating a fantastic locally prepared traditional lunch. We took turns being blind-folded and spun around in circles and set free to have a few whacks at a swinging piñata, eventually splitting it open and everyone rushing in to share in the bounty. Then we finished with a tour of the Botanical Gardens which took us through ancient Mayan ruins and a sky bridge over the mangroves; we even saw some monkeys on our tour! This day of service was about giving the local children an experience of music and environmental connections. We know this day inspired some of the local children to become stewards of the important natural resources in this area.


planting S&SPositive Legacy and the ECOSUR have teamed up together to create an urban agriculture and ecological curriculum at the local high school.  The students are able to learn how to make compost and then use this material to make fertile soil and then how to plant and raise food crops to be self-sustainable. They have actually taken this knowledge to heart and to home where they have built home gardens so that they may help provide for their families. In 2014 Strings & Sol guests help build an educational raised bed garden at the center and this year we were able to see the fruits of that labor.


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Thank you to all of you who participated in our day of service and made it a memorable and impactful day for these local children. Big thanks to all the musicians and their families that joined us.  We are humbled by your deep involvement in our projects and support for Positive Legacy!




The Positive Legacy Auction Raised Just Over $14,000!

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We are pleased to announce that Positive Legacy was able to raise just over $14,000 in this year’s silent and live auction! Auction proceeds will support Positive Legacy’s environmental & humanitarian projects such as the ECOSUR project. Thanks to all of you who purchased an item at the auction. A special thank you to the musicians for supporting the auction with special one of a kind items. In addition, many thanks to the patron artisans, such as Twice Upon a String that donated their time and talents to helping our cause!


Donation Drive–Thank you all for donating!

12/11/2014 Strings & Sol 2014 - Now Sapphire Resort, Puerto Morelos, Mexico. Photo © Dave Vann 2014

Thank you to everyone that donated to the Positive Legacy donation drive this year! The donations collected during Strings & Sol were disbursed to the local medical clinic and schools in the Puerto Morelos &  the colonia. With items ranging from backpacks, pencils, notebooks, crayons to gloves, masks, swabs, and bandages – YOU were able to make a huge impact on the community’s quality of life. We thank you for that!


 Musical Poolside

“Tuned in BINGO” – Hosted by Sam Bush, Allie Kral & Mimi Naja


A special thank you must go out to this year’s hosts Sam Bush, Allie Kral and Mimi Naja for creating a challenging and fun BINGO afternoon benefitting Positive Legacy. Thank you to all of you who joined in the fun and supported the cause – providing ecological education to the local children.




Offset Your Carbon Footprint

twp_logo-300x188Positive Legacy and Trees, Water & People made it easy to travel responsibly, by offsetting the emissions from your travel to Mexico for Strings & Sol. We appreciate those that donated $15 to the carbon offset program, which supports a community tree nursery that is producing 10,000 trees a year for rural communities on the north coast of Haiti, providing the sequestration of thousands of tons of carbon dioxide emissions. If you were unable to offset you footprint at the event, please take this opportunity to feel empowered post event and leave your own positive legacy from Strings & Sol by visiting treeswaterpeople.org to make a donation!