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Carbon Offsetting Jam Cruise 9

For the fourth year in a row, 501(c)3 nonprofit Trees Water & People (TWP) partnered with Cloud 9 Adventure’s Green Team and Positive Legacy to bring carbon offsetting to Jam Cruise 9.  Cloud 9 provided financial support to offset the emissions associated with Jam Cruise’s 5-day voyage on the MSC Poesia, and the Green Team’s roving educators inspired passengers to offset the carbon associated with their personal travel to/from Fort Lauderdale. Offsets provide an opportunity for Jam Cruise passengers to support communities in need while reducing their environmental footprint, channeling valuable donations to TWP’s award winning conservation, restoration and community empowerment projects in Central America and Haiti.

The carbon offsetting program on Jam Cruise supports important, community-driven reforestation projects that place a diverse array of seedlings back in critical watersheds throughout the Caribbean basin and Central America.  Aside from sequestering carbon from the atmosphere, these trees provide valuable habitat, soil stabilization, shade, fuel and food to the communities that plant them, often for generations to come.

Portions of the funds also support TWP’s pioneering work with fuel-efficient cookstoves, which reduce carbon emissions into the atmosphere by 50% – 70% compared to traditional cookstoves.  These cookstoves post up to 90% reductions in toxic indoor air pollution, reducing health pressures and fuel expenses for families, while reducing stress on the forests and ecosystems that surround them.

To date, Cloud 9, Positive Legacy and Jam Cruise passengers are responsible for offsetting 4,237 tons CO2e through the planting of 26,500 fruit trees and tropical hardwoods, and the construction of 115 Fuel-efficient Justa stoves!  Those are serious accomplishments which have improved the lives of thousands of people – something we can all be proud of.

TWP’s projects have been recognized by the United Nations Environment Programme’s Sasakawa Prize, The Ashden Awards for Sustainable Energy, the Rio Tinto Sustainability Prize, and most recently the prestigious Sargent Shriver Award for Distinguished Humanitarian Service.  TWP consistently achieves the highest rating on Charity Navigator and Better Business Bureau, and was also recently honored by an invitation to advise the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves, an international effort with a goal of building 100 million cookstoves in the next 10 years.

TWP is proud to partner with Cloud 9 and Positive Legacy in addressing the impact we create during this wonderful event, and we send a special thank you to Matt Butler and the Everyone Orchestra for putting on such a spectacular Greening Celebration in support of TWP’s work.

To learn more about Trees, Water & People, visit www.treeswaterpeople.org.

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