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Greening Celebration Jam Cruise 9

The Jam Cruise Greening Crew and Positive Legacy are proud to present the Jam Cruise 9 Greening Celebration

Saturday January 8th (last day at sea) 4:00pm in the Theatre

The 2011 Greening Celebration on Jam Cruise 9 promises to be one of the premier shows on Jam Cruise, with wily conductor Matt Butler putting together his signature Everyone Orchestra – an improv ensemble made up of an amazing collection of Jam Cruise Artists.

The performance is a way of giving back to all of you who offset your carbon and participate in Greening Jam Cruise. Carbon offsets directly benefit Colorado-based, international NGO Trees, Water & People which implements environmentally focused projects that promote community self-sufficiency in Haiti, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador and Tribal Lands of the American West.  Last year Jam Cruisers contributed over $4000 and Cloud 9 contributed $9,000, making Jam Cruise carbon neutral once again! Proceeds support TWP’s tree planting projects and the construction of fuel efficient stoves in Central America, with over 20 Jam Cruise Artists on stage supporting the cause.

Positive Legacy will offset the carbon emissions from the MSC Poesia’s 5-day journey through a generous donation by Cloud 9 Adventures. Cruisers are invited to step up to the plate and offset the carbon associated with their personal travel to/from Fort Lauderdale.

This is the ONLY ticketed show on Jam Cruise, tickets are earned by offsetting the airline emissions generated on your trip to Ft. Lauderdale, and will be sold during embarkation, at Greening Headquarters, at ports of call and at the door during the show.  The sliding scale of $10 – $20 is based on the length of your flight, and you can calculate your ticket price using the travel map on this page:

Calculate My Ticket Price

Ask around – this is one of the most exciting performances on the ship. As if this weren’t enticing enough, free beer is provided to all paid guests by Starr Hill Brewery, as you enjoy a slideshow of TWP and Positive Legacy projects from years past.  Look for the carbon offset team selling tickets during embarkation, or pre-purchase them online here to get on the event will-call list. Be sure to take your Conscious Cruiser passport to the Greening Celebration to show you offset your carbon.

Come one, come all…  cause it’s gonna be a party!

Greening Celebration

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