Positive LegacyPositive Legacy

Positive LegacyPositive Legacy

Jam Cruise 6 Beneficiaries

Cozumel Beach Clean UpCozumel - Beach Clean 2

In Cozumel, 30 Jam Cruise passengers and artists cleaned up 1,000 pounds of trash in just over an hour on a beach about two miles away from our port. It was a fun and rewarding experience for all.


School Supplies Donation and Day Care ImprovementNUAFA

After the beach clean up, we delivered school supplies to the Cozumel Chrysalis Group and donated $450 to NUAFA’s Women’s Shelter (Nucleo de Apoya Familiar – means Heart of Family Support). Not long after our visit we received these words of thanks from NUAFA: “…the cash donation was used for a significant facility improvement…to have new iron gates made, painted and installed on the patio which is the entrance to NUAFA.


The gates provide greater security for the children in daycare and also secure the property to prevent loss of assets.  This is the first time that NUAFA has had a way to lock the facility!  New gates have been needed for a very long time but the organization didn’t have the resources to replace the old rickety ones. THANKS again for all your time and effort invested in coordinating activities to benefit Cozumel!”


Auction Proceeds Purchase Copy Machine for School in RoatanJC6 auction 3

Proceeds from the auction on Jam Cruise 6 supported our carbon offsetting efforts. Thank you to all the folks who donated items for the auction and to those who bid on items. A special thanks to LEBO for donating a live Jam Cruise 6 painting. Proceeds from LEBO’s painting as used to purchase a much needed copy machine for the Roatan Children’s Fund school.

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