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Positive LegacyPositive Legacy

Jam Cruise 7 Beneficiaries

Kinder Repair Project in Costa Maya

The green team worked with Padres de Familia Kinder in Km 55, a school in Costa Maya, Mexico devastated by Hurricane Dean, to make much needed repairs to their facility. Following the hurricane in 2007, all that remained of the school was a simple cinderblock structure with incomplete plywood walls and a tar paper roof, offering students little to no protection from wind and rain. Cloud 9 sent $1420 to the kinder one month before visiting Costa Maya, allowing them to purchase construction materials for the needed repairs. While on the ship, passengers who became aware of the repair project matched that donation with an additional $1440 to help the kinder continue renovations.


Costa Maya Beach Clean-up

kids in Costa Maya 5


While in Costa Maya, nearly 100 Jam Cruise passengers joined the green team and 50 children from the Limones Primary School, along with local residents, community leaders and business owners to clean up a stretch of beach just a few miles from the port. In less than an hour the group picked up approximately 1 ton of trash! After the clean up, participants joined our new friends in Costa Maya for a day at the beach, presented the Jam Cruise donations to several local schools, frolicked in the ocean, played beach soccer and enjoying each other’s company and a delicious meal. This event demonstrates that being stewards to the earth is not only the right thing to do, but it brings people together and can be a lot of fun!


solarOvenSolar Oven Finds a Welcomed Home in Costa Maya

We received some heart-warming news about one of the solar ovens we donated on Jam Cruise 7. This one made it’s way to Chacchoben, which is a two-thousand year old pueblo in the jungle in Costa Maya. The recipient is a 90-year-old man who has lived in the pueblo all his life. We received some photos which captured how emotional he was when the oven was presented to him. And another, which showed what he used to cook with daily until receiving the new solar oven. The images were priceless, and made it very apparent that changing lives is our greatest reward!



Intercultural Celebration in Belize

While in Belize, 70 passengers and artists joined the green team for a day of learning, connection and giving at the Monkey Bay Wildlife Sanctuary. Participants presented the passenger donations and solar ovens to our beneficiaries, and were treated to informative talks by local community leaders and environmental educators, as well as a fabulous performance by the Maroon Creole Drum School and local dancers. The Maroon Creole Drum School is led by Emmet Smith, a former pro soccer player. Under his lead, their village teaches children indigenous drumming rhythms, dancing and soccer. Cloud 9 Adventures donated 2 full team sets of uniforms, cleats, socks and shin guards to their community to further the development of their youth soccer program.

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