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Jam Cruise 9 Laptop Drive :: Roatan

Once again, Leaving a Positive Legacy will be conducting a used laptop drive to benefit one of our port cities. This year’s efforts will be focused on providing refurbished laptop computers to two beneficiaries in Roatan, The Majken Broby Children’s Home and the Diamond Rock Elementary School.

At the Majken Broby Children’s Home, the laptops will directly impact the education of the two oldest children at the home. Although Alex is 18, he has been allowed to stay at the Home as long as he is enrolled in continued higher education, but has been asked by his teacher to do his papers on a computer. He and Daysi, 15, are both in a private school and the Roatan Children’s Fund pays their tuition and makes sure that they have school supplies and uniforms. 6 years ago these two children spoke no English and had little motivation or concern for grades or school. The transformation has been nothing short of amazing. They are both now fluent in English, highly motivated and have a strong desire to continue their education.

If you or your company has a laptop you would like to donate, please contact Matt Whildin at mwhildin@gmail.com to discuss your laptop and our needs. Leaving a Positive Legacy is a registered 501(c)(3) charity, therefore your laptop donation will be tax-deductible as allowed by law. Please check with your tax adviser to determine the fair market value of your donation.

Thank you for your support!


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